About Us

Painted Fox Home is an online retailer, specializing in custom curated décor! Our collection is hand-picked and intended to inspire you to love all of the spaces where you live your lovely life.   We truly believe that your home should be filled with the people and things you love the most in the world.  

Painted Fox Home is a destination brand for those wanting a beautifully curated collection of home décor that reflects our customers’ personal style and fuels their passions. We love partnering with like-minded influencers to grow our brand and share our passion for home décor.

The name Painted Fox has several meanings to us. The ‘Fox’ symbolizes the elusive hunt for fabulous, interesting, farmhouse treasures. For us, the fox also symbolizes a quiet, peaceful knowing that loved ones who are no longer with us, are quietly and lovingly watching over us.  The ‘Painted’ part of our name represents individuality and the treasured surprise of unique and unexpected additions to your home.