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Meet Brooklyn

I’m Brooklyn, a self-taught artist, mother, and wife. I have created hundreds of custom pieces that have been featured all over the world.

I am in the business of creating because I have to, I don’t question it. Doing this type of work also helps me teach my little girls about how important doing what you love is, whether a hobby, job, or something spontaneous. It also demonstrates to them that the work that we do, really isn’t for ourselves.  It’s for other people. we are all in the people business. Once you realize that, i think it just makes us all better, kinder individuals.

My work is created to be a catalyst of inspiration for all people to find their inner “wild”. I’m a firm believer that everyone is a creative deep down. We are all too busy. We need constant reminders to slow down and relax. We need happy inspiration to take our reset our mind on what’s truly important in our life. My work will be a reminder to live slowly, and passionately. To stop and smell the roses.

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