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Meet Erin

Hey, buddies!  I’m Erin Kern: blogger, designer and owner of Cotton Stem, an interior décor and e-design company.  But really…I’m just a semi-cray Oklahoma wife and mom of four little daughters tryin’ to chase my design dreams while chasin’ my babies, too.  Raise your hand if you love comfy, cozy, approachable-yet-unique style?!  If your hand is up, let’s be besties, because you’re going to heart this collection as much as I do!  Soft, pale whites, chippy paint, vintage vibes, neutral washed wood tones plus some unexpected “WOW” pieces, the Cotton Stem Collection is for all my French-y, farmhouse-y, cottage-y lovin’ pals out there, and I can’t wait to see how you style these pieces in your own home.  Face squeezes and happy shopping, buddies!
Love, Erin

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