Dead Sea Salt Scrub

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Rubbing your skin with the Dead Sea Salt Scrub exfoliates + polishes skin. The fine grains cleanse every pore allowing your skin to breathe + regenerate. Apply all over your body, especially dry areas. Gently massage into your skin, rinse + pat dry. The oil will remain, leaving it smooth + moisturized.   Works well with Rosemary, Frank + Mint Bar Soap and Shave + Body Oil.

USE For use on the body, not intended for the face. Best for limbs, feet and hands. Keep out of eyes, do not eat. For all skin types to use as an exfoliator and moisturizer, balancing out skin tones, reducing appearance of scars and wrinkles, treatment and prevention of body acne.

APPLICATION Once all akin has been washed and rinsed clean with soap and water and is still wet, use a small dollop of the mixture to very gently rub into the skin. Rinse with warm water. Use only once or twice a week to allow new skin cells to form between uses.

BENEFITS This scrub not only eliminates dead skin cells but it also leaves the skin with a coat of protective mositure to help it start the repair process. It is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, water, petroleum, alcohol or perfumes. It balances out complextion, adds moisture, balances oil production and reduces the appearance of scarring, acne and dry skin patches.


Because there are no added preservatives, it provides moisture that is able to seep deep into the skin without the drying effect of the preservatives. Preservatives also have damaging health effects when ingested into the system through the skin, just as they do when we consume them through food. This product does not contain any of those harmful ingredients.

Petroleum-Free Hydration

Another benefit is that it is petroleum-free. Petroleum is a derivative of oil refining. It suffocates your pores.

Top Quality Ingredients

We use only premium grapeseed oil to ensure the best hydration. We also only use top quality pure dead sea salt scrub and epsom salts. The scent is from natural essential oils only. No fillers.