Facial Serum

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For all skin types to use as a moisturizer, for balancing out skin tones, for reducing appearance of scars and wrinkles, for aging appearance prevention and prevention/treatment of acne.


Wash face with warm water and soap, finish with a cold water rinse. Use the dropper to add a few drops of serum into palm, apply and work into face + neck. Best when skin is wet but can be applied to dry skin. Use twice daily.


This Facial Serum seems to go against the usual advice to stay away from oil in face moisturizers. Using the right oils can actually solve common skin irritations, acne and dryness as long as it is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, water, petroleum, alcohol or perfumes. It balances out complexion, adds moisture, balances oil production and reduces scarring, acne and patches.


Because there are no added preservatives, it provides moisture that is able to seep deep into the skin without the drying effect of the preservatives. Preservatives also have damaging health effects when ingested into the system through the skin, just as they do when we consume them through food. This product does not contain any of those harmful ingredients.

Petroleum-Free Hydration

Another benefit is that it is petroleum-free. Petroleum is a derivative of oil refining. It suffocates your pores.

Top Quality Ingredients

We use only premium oils to ensure quality. The glass bottle {vs plastic} keeps the oils free of any other kind pollution plus the dropper eliminates contamination.