Sometimes I’m left with a lot of guilt from the blog. My passion, job, & a lot of my life revolves around decor & design. I think about decor and design all day everyday because I love everything about it & I love sharing it even more. I’m passionate about what I do & sharing it brings a lot of light to my life. But sometimes, like today I set a simple white pumpkin on my table, I had a little pang of guilt in my heart thinking about the fact that I may give the impression that decor has to be complicated & that seasonal decor has to be abundant. It doesn’t. It doesn’t at all. I simply share decor ideas daily to hopefully inspire others from free decor to more expensive designs & I hope that with every post that I share you always remember that there is beauty in the simplicity. More can be beautiful, but simple can sometimes be better. Do what feels right for you & where you are at in this season of your life. Sometimes it’s putting a couple pumpkins from the local farm stand on your table & that can be a beautiful thing…

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