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Meet Layla

Hello! I’m Layla Palmer and I live in rural Alabama with my husband, Kevin, and our (Haitian) son, Steevenson, whom we adopted at age four in in 2016. author a blog called The Lettered Cottage which I created in 2008 as a place to share my passion for writing and my love of cottage style. I share posts about decorating, adoption, food, fashion, faith and whatever else I’m inspired by on any given day! It’s a fun place to connect with kindred spirits and has blossomed into so many fun opportunities throughout the years. One of which is this partnership with Painted Fox, which I could not be more excited about! My curated collection reflects my love of life in the country (I grew up on a farm in Minnesota, too!) and echoes the tones and textures that I’m drawn to most. I always tell people my style is “Mother Nature meets Father Time” and my hope is that these kinds of things make heart sing too!

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